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I am sitting at Blue bottle coffee sipping on one of the sweetest coffees I have ever tasted and ive had quite a few! This is the last power drive I need before I leave to the Oakland international airport for my flight out to Houston.  If you haven’t been I highly recommend it! Give them a shot whenever you pass through here.

Here at we’ve had an excellent last few weeks! As you guys know we buy houses in the Bay area and in Austin and Houston TX.  Our busiest markets right now have been in TX.  Customer satisfaction has been at the forefront front of all our business endeavors like always, and I can say am quite satisfied with the number of reviews and questions we get each month.

Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Today however while I wait for my flight, I’ll be writing on one very important question that I have been receiving over and over again in the course of doing business and even more so recently from quite a number of home owners looking to sell their Oakland CA homes.  The question is do I need to make any repairs before selling my Oakland home? Some others have come to me asking, how can I get Cash For My House Oakland, CA that is in a sore state of disrepair, in really rough shape? Can I sell it “as is”? Would people by an old junky houses, with a bad roof, a bunch of mold, and a bad foundation?  I’ll be answering most of these questions today, so stick around.

Today you’ll learn whether or not you can sell your house WITHOUT making any repairs.  If you have googled “Cash For My House Oakland” then you’re in the right Place! We are cash house buyers in Oakland and can make you an “as is” cash offer for your Oakland house.

Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Cash for My House Oakland CA – Do I Need To Make Repairs To My House? Or Even Clean it?

The quick answer to that question is NO. You absolutely DO NOT need to make any repairs or even clean up any DUST!  You can sell your house in Oakland for Cash “as is”.  We buy houses in Oakland “as is” all of the time and we buy them on the date of your choice.  If you googled “Cash For My House Oakland” You’re in the right Place!

Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

We are local cash house buyers in Oakland CA and we work with local home owners who need to sell fast. I have had the opportunity of dealing with a lot of different clients and those who had been wise to reach out to me early enough have been saved the cost and stress of having to try and fix the house up to make it a little presentable for sale. Many times I have been able to advise them against spending valuable time, funds and energy towards a venture that is almost futile.  As the house would still attract almost the same value as it would if it were in its state before the cleanup and fixing.  The reason is whoever buys is going to fix it up how they want it anyways! So they may have to just re-do everything you did!

A recent example is an elderly couple who were looking to move to an assisted living facility in Texas actually and they wanted to sell off their Oakland home. The home had not been in the perfect state as it had some problems with the roof as well as some other problems with the foundation which ordinarily would not have been so much of a problem if it had not been left unattended to for quite a long time.  But the roof leaks had gotten into the house and there was a LOT of mold as well.  The couple lived alone and the husband Joe needed constant care. So anything outside of Joe’s care was almost inconsequential to Maria his wife. She just wanted to move out of the old junky house that was falling apart and take care of Joe.

I was contacted by Maria online.  She wanted me to come over to look at the house and make an offer. But since I was out of state at the time, we spoke on the phone she gave me a description of the house and I made her a cash offer on the phone.  I asked how she found me and he said that whens he searched for “Cash House buyers in Oakland” and my company was on the top list so she decided to go with us. She had read some of the recommendations for us which she liked and even when she searched again for “Sell My house fast Oakland” and we were still tops on the search. She felt more comfortable with dealing with us. I have bought houses in worse state of disrepair than that of Joe and Maria and if you are looking to get cash for my house Oakland, don’t look any further just reach out to us. Click below for a No-Obligation cash home offer in Oakland.

  Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

I was able to make an “as is” offer to the couple on the phone and they asked to get back to me in a day or two. They actually ended up calling me again later that night to accept my offer. I accepted and sent over a contract via email and the deal was sealed with not even a cobweb wiped of the property. You don’t have to go through that hassle of trying to cleanup or even effect repairs to a rundown property when considering selling, we make great cash offers “as is” for those who want cash for my house Oakland.  We closed in cash a few weeks after our phone call.

There are a lot of different reasons home owners would want to sell their houses in a short span and for cash fast .They usually typed “cash for my house Oakland” into google or “we buy houses oakland”, or “sell my Oakland house fast” or something along those lines and found us. In our many years of being in this business, we have always satisfied our clients and even when they don’t sell to us which is quite rare, we still follow through for them with advice and answers to any pressing needs or questions. So even if you are not ready to sell or just need some Real Estate advice.  Reach out to us, we’re happy to help.  We help people out all the time.

  Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

In our many deals, we have come to notice that majority of home owners who searched for “cash for my house Oakland” on Google on any of the many search engines available on the internet are selling because they either can no longer maintain the house as they may be short of cash due to any reason from loss of job or a downturn in business or they simply can no longer take care of the property and must have left it in a state of disrepair for too long. These people reach out to us because most of the time the house is rundown and in dis-repair and being that they don’t have the time or money to make the repairs needed to be able to sell it fast on the open market with a traditional real estate agent, they just deal with us. Some others just don’t want to deal with the hassle of Lender Required Repairs, Appraisals, Inspections, Certifications, Clean up, Surveys, Showings, etc…involved in selling their house the Traditional way through a Realtor.

  Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Whatever the reason for wanting to sell your house in disrepair, do not break a sweat don’t even bother about wiping off the dust or cobwebs before giving us a call, we’ll buy your house cash “as is” WITHOUT requiring any of the many items listed above. Why? Because we are using our CASH so we do not need anything that is required by a Lender. We don’t need appraisals or outside inspectors or even a cleanup.  You get to skip all that, plus skip showing to dozens of buyers etc… this is a great opportunity for you, as it saves you the hassles of dealing with buyers who would point out every and anything wrong with the property.  We already understand the market and more importantly, we understand you from the moment you searched for “cash for my house Oakland”.

Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Why as Cash House Buyers In Oakland CA, We Will Buy A House “As-Is” that is really run down? Cash For my House Oakland CA

As stated above, since we buy houses with cash and don’t need to get a bank approval… we have the flexibility to buy Oakland CA houses in any condition.  But why would we buy these when we can buy fixed up houses with our cash?  We will buy beat up houses “as is” in cash because we can buy them at a discount and then fix them up and sell them for a profit. That is our business.

Although we are flippers, we also are giving you an opportunity to get good value for your property quickly. Normally traditional banks won’t finance a house if it’s in disrepair. So buyers with a Loan are not the best option if you have a house that needs major repair. Especially if you have any plumbing, roofing, or Foundation Issues banks will hardly ever lend on those because they can’t be insured.

Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Banks see these issues as a huge risk and won’t lend on the normal “fixer upper” house….Because they are Huge Risk for the Buyer.  But you looked up get “cash for my House Oakland” so you are probably not looking for a traditional buyer with a bank loan. We undertake all the risk in return we pay a discounted price for the house but do not be dismayed, it’s not like we would offer an amount that is very low….. we understand and appreciate the time, investment and memories that you probably have with the house and we respect that and that is the more reason we are going to make you an offer that is commiserate with the value of your property…. We will pay an amount that makes you want to sell and makes us want to buy. It needs to be win-win both ways or we will not do the deal.

We have seen a lot of people become disappointed with trying to sell their house on the market. Firstly when they decided to sell, many times have had dire need for money and were looking to sell their house fast. But because they had no idea about us, they went to the traditional home realtor to come have a look. Realtor after realtor turn down their request but even when they stopped using realtors and tried friends, it just wouldn’t sell because most of the buyers in their pool and in fact most home buyers in the Oakland area get their funds from lenders that require a lot of documentation and regulatory compliance as we have discussed above and because the homes are in a severe state of disrepair, it becomes even harder to sell. These homes do not qualify for financing.

Their lives changed when they are introduced to us by friends or relatives after having to have asked on how to get cash for my house Oakland and some others after turning to Google to search for cash for my house Oakland. We take off the hassles of documentation and worrying about repairs and more so severe repairs like foundation problems and roofing. We don’t worry about those things, since we will be fixing everything anyways. We pay cash for houses in these types of conditions every day.

A lot of home owners in our area are without a good option to sell the house because 95% of the buyer pool has to get a traditional loan to buy a house. So if you have a beat up house that you do not want to repair or you do not have time to repair you fall in that other 5%, you are not looking for a traditional buyer.

  Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

That’s where we come in.

At, we are cash house buyers in Oakland CA. We help homeowners who need to sell a house fast (especially houses that need work) by buying your Oakland house for cash… then we get in there and fix up the property, beautify the neighborhood, and sell it “move-in” ready to a happy new home owner.

Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

We pay for all of the repairs.

We pay for the closing costs.

We do all of the work, so you don’t have to.

Our goal is to make the whole process a no hassle for you, so you can move on with your life and put this house behind you.

Get Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

We Buy Houses In Oakland, CA In All Types of Conditions we buy them fast and “as is” and you do not have to make ANY Repairs.

 Fill Out This Short Form To Get Your Fast Cash Offer >> 

Cash for My House Oakland CA! Submit Form For Cash offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Click here to watch this in Video Format on Youtube !   Sell my house fast Oakland! We buy Inherited Oakland houses, Oakland Houses in Probate and houses in Oakland From ALL Types of People that need to SELL A HOUSE FAST in OAKLAND! Selling a house inheritance and selling a house in Probate has never been easier. Selling an Oakland house fast has never been easier!

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